Entrepreneurs invest everything they have into their companies and this translates into a significant responsibility as an investor. We take this role seriously and our high energy output often matches the passion of the founders that we meet. Since our fund’s inception, we only invest in a limited number of companies to maximize the value of the service and expertise we bring to our investee companies. Our portfolio companies are technology driven and possess a game-changing solution or disruptive business model that has the potential to become an industry leader.

We do not only provide capital. We add operational value by rolling up our sleeves and standing alongside the entrepreneurs we support. We are ready to work in any capacity. We believe success can only be achieved through teamwork towards a shared and achievable goal. On many occasions, we have actively taken up interim management positions as Chairman, CEO, COO, CFO, sales directors, project managers and manufacturing consultants to compliment the technical prowess of the entrepreneurs we support. Some companies do not require daily support. Some do. You don’t have to take it but it is comforting to know the resources are there if you need it.

Current investment focus


Ideas have a short shelf life.

You must act on them
before the expiration date.

Forget about waiting for normal to return.
This is the new normal.