Fortune Favors the Brave


We only invest in a limited number of companies in order to maximize the value of our service and expertise that we can bring to each of our investee companies.

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We understand that the single greatest trait for investors is the way they connect, work with, and build value together with entrepreneurs.

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We are nimble so we are quick. Our decision process is prompt. We lead and syndicate seed/early stage rounds.

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We like all things mobile

There is a significant shift going from web to mobile. Across segments in advertising, gaming, social networking, shopping, music and mapping, we see the transition in the monetization, information delivery and user experience.

As price points for dumb phones and smart phones intersect, the global population will upgrade their personal devices at an accelerated pace. Smart phones are fast becoming the poor man’s personal computer. Mobile operators have lost their role as gatekeepers for applications as handsets become software driven and “app stores” are the new distribution channel. Mobile born services like Foursquare and Instagram are winners in this transition while feature rich web apps like Facebook are conforming and dividing their mobile experience into smaller individual apps like Facebook Messenger and Facebook Chat.

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Current investment focus


Ideas have a short shelf life.

You must act on them
before the expiration date.

Forget about waiting for normal to return.
This is the new normal.